Can I use Sendsteps when broadcasting live?

Can I use Sendsteps when broadcasting live?

You can! Sendsteps is perfectly suited to be used with a wide range of (broad)casting tools. If you want to mix both a video stream as well as use Sendsteps your tool should support mixing both sources. You can choose to either use our web app directly from your browser or use our Microsoft PowerPoint addin. If you need more assistance when broadcasting SendSteps live, please contact our support team.

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    • Does Sendsteps support single sign-on?

      If you want to use single sign-on to sign in to your Sendsteps account please contact us about the possibilities. 
    • Can I present using Sendsteps and only my mobile phone?

      There is no specific mobile app of Sendsteps. You can however use our web app from your mobile web browser to create and run your Sendsteps. That way you are able to use Sendsteps solely on your mobile phone. 
    • My company has a Sendsteps license, how do I join?

      Great you want to start using our product! Joining is easy. Start by creating an account. After creating an account you will be brought to the following screen:   Please follow the instructions in the email you have received to join the license of ...
    • How do I reset my password?

      Have you forgotten your Sendsteps password? No problem, it's easily retrieved. You can reset your password by visiting our password reset page. 
    • How can I retrieve my account details?

      If you forgot your account details and want to log back in, please contact the Sendsteps support desk. Our support team will happily help you retrieving your account details.