How can I cancel my subscription/renewal? | Sendsteps

How can I cancel my subscription/renewal?

We hope for a long term relationship with you, but if you decide to leave us you can cancel your auto-renewal by clicking on the drop down menu in the right upper corner located in the Sendsteps Web App and select ‘Billing'. Here you can turn off automatic renewal for your subscription/license. OR click on the following link to go to Billing directly: Sendsteps 'Billing' Page

Obviously you can still use Sendsteps until the end of the period you have paid for. 

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    • Can I still cancel my subscription if I changed my mind?

      Within 14 days from the day you purchased you can request a refund via A refund can only be requested when the interaction functionalities are not used and you didn’t host a Sendsteps session. See our terms of service(s) for more ...
    • Can I change my plan?

      During your active subscription you are always able to change your plan. Upgrades can be made via our pricing page, Web app or PowerPoint Add-in. Downgrades can be done, but they will take effect when your current license term expires.
    • Upgrade my plan

      If you want to upgrade your plan, you can do so by clicking the ‘Upgrade my account’ button in the Web app. Clicking this will take you to the main price selection page. Select the plan you want to upgrade to.Example: Take Professional for example. ...