Do I have to pay for my audience to join my Sendsteps session? | Sendsteps

Do I have to pay for my audience to join my Sendsteps session?

Your audience is able to join your Sendsteps sessions without having a (paid) account. You don't need to pay for your audience. 
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    • I have a Presentation with an audience size bigger than 1.000 people. Can I still use Sendsteps?

      Yes, if you purchased a plan that allows an unlimited audience size you can still use Sendsteps. When you host a session with more than 1.000 participants, please inform us on forehand by sending an email to 
    • Can I pay for just one month?

      Yes you can pay monthly at Sendsteps. If you only need Sendsteps for an one-time event, you can purchase one of our Event Plans which is valid for 7 days.
    • Can I pay for one month?

      Can I pay for one month?  It is possible to pay monthly, however we recommend to pay annually as it saves you 31%  compared to the monthly price. Visit our pricing page for more information.  Pricing page:   How ...
    • What payment methods does Sendsteps support?

      Sendsteps supports both payments made by credit card (Mastercard, Visa and American Express) as well selected debit cards (IDEAL) in the Netherlands. Invoices payable through bank transfer are on request (additional costs are applied). Please contact ...
    • How many licenses do I need?

      Every host needs his own license. A Host is the speaker/presenter at/of a presentation/meeting. When you have a session with more hosts, more users are needed. We offer several plans where you can add multiple users. Check out our pricing page for ...