Does Sendsteps work on my Mac/Apple computer? | Sendsteps

Does Sendsteps work on my Mac/Apple computer?

Yes! Sendsteps has a web version that you can use on your Mac through a browser of choice. Just create an account and go to our web version to start right away. 
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    • Can I use the Sendsteps PowerPoint Add-in on Mac/Apple?

      No, you can’t use the PowerPoint Add-in on a Mac/Apple. Unfortunately, Mac OS has far fewer options within PowerPoint to make our software function with PowerPoint. This makes it nearly impossible to build a user-friendly add-in on Mac OS. After ...
    • On what platforms does the Sendsteps add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint work

      Currently our Microsoft PowerPoint add-in is only supported on Microsoft Windows. If you are using another platform like Linux of Apple/Mac please visit our web version to make full use of all Sendsteps features. 
    • Sendsteps on Android

      How can Sendsteps be used on Android?  As a presenter, you can prepare your Sendsteps on on all devices with a browser. This includes an Android phone, tablet or any other device from Android. As a participant you can use the ...
    • Sendsteps PowerPoint ribbon not showing up

      Step 1: Go to options  (re-) enable Sendsteps add-in. Click on file on the top left corner, Click on Options (final button on the left side)  Step 2:Add-ins  Click on Add-ins       Step 3: Go to the downloaded add-ins  Click on go (button in the ...
    • Sendsteps in Google Slides?

      Can I use Sendsteps in Google Slides?  At the moment, we unfortunately don't have Google Slides integration yet. If you wish to know more about the current roadmap or future intergrations, please contact