Does Sendsteps work on my Mac/Apple computer?

Does Sendsteps work on my Mac/Apple computer?

Yes! Sendsteps has a web version that you can use on your Mac through a browser of choice. Just create an account and go to our web version to start right away. 
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    • On what platforms does the Sendsteps add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint work

      Currently our Microsoft PowerPoint add-in is only supported on Microsoft Windows. If you are using another platform like Linux of Apple/Mac please visit our web version to make full use of all Sendsteps features. 
    • What are the technical requirements for using Sendsteps in Microsoft Powerpoint?

      Currently Sendsteps for Microsoft Powerpoint is supported on: - Windows 10 and above - PowerPoint 2013 and above - A stable Internet connection ​ Not using Microsoft PowerPoint or not on Microsoft Windows? Try out our web version instead.
    • How can I find my logfile?

      Do you want to know how to find your logfile? Please follow the steps below: 1.       Go to your 'file explorer'    2.       Fill in the top bar %temp%   3.       Select date modified, please send the Sendsteps.log.txt and SendstepsUI_.log files ...
    • I have an urgent technical problem, can you help me?

      At Sendsteps we are committed to providing the best possible service to our users. If you urgently need our support, please send us a message through our contact page. Alternatively, you can contact us through our chat module. Our support hours are ...