How do I install the Sendsteps PowerPoint add-in? | Sendsteps

How do I install the Sendsteps PowerPoint add-in?

If you wish to install the Sendsteps PowerPoint add-in, simply follow the following steps: 

Step 1: Register your Sendsteps account and log in.

Sign up for your Sendsteps account (you can skip this if you already have yours).

Once you have successfully registered you can log into your Sendsteps account.

Once you log in you will be redirected to the Sendstep Web application.


Step 2: Download Sendsteps

In the Sendstep Web application.  Download Sendsteps from your account by clicking on the ‘’Download Add-in’’ button.

Step 3: Installation Sendsteps

Once you have download the Sendsteps.setup file you can either install it directly from your browser or from your file directory.

Step 4: Completion

Upon completion your installation your PowerPoint will automatically be opened (if this does not happen; open PowerPoint manually).

'Sendsteps is now fully installed into your Microsoft PowerPoint!’

Would you like to know more about Sendsteps and the wide variety of ‘question types’. Click the following link: Creating Sendsteps.

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