How do I use weighted voting? | Sendsteps

How do I use weighted voting?

Weighted voting is a question option we have at Sendsteps. In this option each participant gets a unique code that they can use to login to the presentation. This code can be used to vote. Example of how to use weighted voting are down below; 

Selecting groups 

If you want to select a specific group to answer question 1 and another group to only answer Question 2, you can use weighted voting. This makes sure that only the people that belong to the group with that exact code can vote for that question.

Shareholder meeting

Weighted voting is the perfect way to run shareholder meetings, because you can give someone with more shares within a company or organization more weight to their votes. This can be done by selecting for how many votes 1 vote counts. For example, if someone in your company owns 20% of the stock, this vote can count for 20 votes.  
To get a unique code for your audience, you need to contact Sendsteps at  or visit: Can I get a unique code per attendee for my presentation?

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