Moderate your responses

How does moderate responses work?

The first step is to activate this setting in your Sendsteps account. We have two products where you can activate this 

Web App: 

In the web app this setting is found under the slide. Click on the toggle to see the URL to your response filter.  



In the PowerPoint there is a seperate response filter button, this button is clickable in the beginning and is the fourth button from the left 


How does the response filter work 

When you open the session start, this is how your moderator screen looks 



This image shows are 3 menus

  • 1. Incoming messages  

These are the messages that are not moderated yet 

  • 2. In queue  

You put this message in queue. It will go on the screen after the first ones are answered (Removed from screen). You can also use this feature to put them in the waiting list for later. 

  • 3. On the screen/menu 

These questions are shown on the screen. When answered you can remove the question and the first from queue will pop up 


As a moderator you have the option to edit responses that are not welcome. You can think about some undesirable words used in a sentence. Or some information you don't want to reveal yet. 

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