How do you activate SMS/Text voting and how does it work?

How do you activate SMS/Text voting and how does it work?

SMS polling can be an incredibly useful tool during presentations, particularly in situations where audience members may not have access to the internet or may be experiencing network issues. By utilizing SMS voting, you can make it easier for all attendees to participate and engage with your presentation, regardless of their technological capabilities. However, it's important to note that SMS polling is only available on paid plans.

If you would like to use SMS voting please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Turn on SMS/Text and select country

To enable text messaging, go to your settings and click on "+ Show advanced options" after this turn on the SMS/Text option. Then, select your country to ensure that participants can send text messages to a local number. 


Step 2: Start your presentation

Assuming that you have completed the process correctly, you should now notice an extra line of text below the QR code while presenting with Sendsteps. This number can be used by your audience to submit their answers through SMS/Text messaging.


Step 3: Running your presentation

While your presentating is running, the audience will have continuous access to the number displayed at the bottom of the screen. This way, they won't need to memorize the number and can effortlessly cast their vote via SMS/text. Please note that when answering there should be a space between the response code, for example: SupportTest <space> A or Answer.

Example: during the presentation + audience SMS/Text view

Assuming all steps have been followed correctly, you should now be well-versed in SMS/Text voting and able to conduct votes successfully!

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