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How to add images, GIFS and videos to your Sendstep Web App?

To add images, GIFS and videos to your presentation in the Sendsteps Web App, you can follow the steps outlined below. This feature can help enhance the visual appeal of your presentation and engage your audience more effectively!

Step 1: Select slide type

You can select the 'Image' slide or any other type of slide that allows you to add a picture by choosing the appropriate layout. This feature is available in all slide types as long as you select the layout that includes the option to add a picture.

Example: Image slide

Example: Other slide (with proper layout)

Step 2: Add your desired GIF/Image/Video

If all done correctly you should see ‘Click here to add image’ located within your slide. Click on it and a prompt will open.

Please select one of the option as seen on the picture below:

Browse image and gif gallery:

By utilizing this option, users can access a gallery of images and GIFs that are completely free from copyright restrictions. Simply use the search bar to find the desired subject and select the picture or GIF you wish to use.



To upload your own images or GIFs, use the 'Upload' option and click on 'Click here to upload'. Then, choose the file you wish to upload from your device.


YouTube video

You can easily include a YouTube video on your page by selecting the 'YouTube video' option and pasting the URL of the desired video. The video will be added automatically.


Step 3: Fixed aspect ratio / Fill and Fit

After uploading your image or gif, you will be given the option to crop it. You also get the options 'Fixed aspect ratio' and 'Fill/Fit'.

- "Fixed aspect ratio" refers to maintaining the original proportion of the image or gif when cropping it. This means that if the original image was rectangular, the cropped image will also be rectangular with the same aspect ratio.

- "Fill" will enlarge the cropped image to fill the designated space, potentially cutting off parts of the image.

- "Fit" will resize the image to fit within the designated space, potentially leaving blank space around the image

Step 4: Finishing up

Assuming you have completed the steps correctly, you should now be able to incorporate images, gifs, and videos into your Sendsteps presentation. In case you want to replace or remove an image, you can simply click on the icons located in the top right corner of the image and make the necessary changes with ease.


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