I'm an educational user, do you have special plans for me? | Sendsteps

I'm an educational user, do you have special plans for me?

Yes, Sendsteps is committed to supporting educational users. They offer a special Education Campus Plan designed for 20 or more branded licenses to cater to the unique needs of educational institutions. To learn more about the possibilities and receive a tailored education offer, please reach out to the Sendsteps team by filling out this form.
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    • I work at an NGO, do you have a special plan for me?

      We are happy to support NGOs that help make the world a better place. Please contact us with a short description of your organization and we will get back to you.
    • How many users are included in a plan?

      There’s one user included by default. With selected plans you can add more users to your license for an extra fee. See our pricing page for more details.
    • How long can I use my Free Sendsteps account?

      At Sendsteps we offer lifetime Free Plans, so you can try out Sendsteps as much as you like. We offer different plans with more features and we continuously revise our plans to ensure maximum value. Click here to see our different plans.
    • Can I share my account with a colleague or friend?

      No, sharing your account with others goes against our Terms of Use. However, we offer several plans that give you the option to add extra users to your license so more people can use Sendsteps in their (daily) meetings and presentations. Want to add ...
    • How many licenses do I need?

      Every host needs his own license. A Host is the speaker/presenter at/of a presentation/meeting. When you have a session with more hosts, more users are needed. We offer several plans where you can add multiple users. Check out our pricing page for ...