Cancel Sendsteps subscription

I want to cancel my renewal

We hate to see you leave. You can cancel your renewal at any time. Just login to your dashboard, click on the top right menu and choose “License & User Info”. 

On the page you are sent to click “Cancel renewal”. A pop-up shows to ask for your confirmation, click “confirm cancelation” to cancel your renewal. No additional terms will be charged. You can keep using full functionality until the end of your current term. After that your account will be changed to a free account. You will keep access to all Sendsteps you have made. 

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    • How do I cancel my subscription?

      We hope for a long term relationship with you, but if you decide to leave us you can cancel your auto-renewal by going to your Sendsteps dashboard. Click on the drop down menu in the right upper corner and select ‘License & User info’. Here you can ...
    • Can I still cancel my subscription if I changed my mind?

      Within 14 days from the day you purchased you can request a refund via A refund can only be requested when the interaction functionalities are not used and you didn’t host a Sendsteps session. See our terms of service(s) for more ...