Can I use Sendsteps in Google Slides? | Sendsteps

Sendsteps in Google Slides?

Can I use Sendsteps in Google Slides? 

At the moment, we unfortunately don't have Google Slides integration yet. If you wish to know more about the current roadmap or future intergrations, please contact 

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      How can Sendsteps be used on Android? As a presenter, you can prepare your Sendsteps on on all devices with a browser. This includes an Android phone, tablet or any other device from Android. As a participant you can use the browser ...
    • Sendsteps PowerPoint ribbon not showing up

      Step 1: Go to options (re-) enable Sendsteps add-in. Click on file on the top left corner, Click on Options (final button on the left side) Step 2:Add-ins Click on Add-ins Step 3: Go to the downloaded add-ins Click on go (button in the middle of the ...
    • How to create a Sendsteps?

      To create a Sendsteps presentation you have to go to “+Create Sendsteps” button in the right top corner.  
    • How to find the Sendsteps tool?

      After downloading the Sendsteps tool you can find it in the right corner of the PowerPoint menu bar. Click on ‘’Sendsteps’’ to get access to the PowerPoint add in. Now you are ready to start creating your presentation with Sendsteps.
    • Is there a Sendsteps app?

      Sendsteps doesn’t have an app for the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. It is possible to use Sendsteps via de webbrowser on any device.