Help my Sendsteps Add-In is not showing up | Sendsteps

Sendsteps PowerPoint ribbon not showing up

Step 1: Go to options 

(re-) enable Sendsteps add-in. Click on file on the top left corner, Click on Options (final button on the left side) 

Step 2:Add-ins 

Click on Add-ins  


Step 3: Go to the downloaded add-ins 

Click on go (button in the middle of the screen) 


Step 4: Select Sendsteps  

Check the box before Sendsteps PowerPoint Add-in and click on ok 



Step 4b: Help I can’t find the Sendsteps Add-in in the COM Add-ins menu 

This means that you haven’t installed/downloaded Sendsteps. Sendsteps could be blocked by your antivirus detector, please read The latest Sendsteps update of the PowerPoint add-in is blocked by my anti-virus software, how do I go about it?  to find how to download Sendsteps with your Anti-virus detector. When this is not the problem please contact 


Step 5: Restart PowerPoint 

Now that you have selected the Sendsteps add-in and activated with clicking on OK and it still doesn’t show up in your PowerPoint ribbon. To find Sendsteps in your ribbon please restart PowerPoint and it will show in your PowerPoint ribbon 

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