How to update your PowerPoint add-in? | Sendsteps

How to update your PowerPoint add-in?

When do you know that you have to update your PowerPoint add-in and how do you update it?

Step 1: Check for update

Sendsteps informs you when there is an update available, by displaying a red ‘1’ above the button ‘Latest version’.  

To update the PowerPoint add-in, click on the button ‘Latest version’.  

Step 2: Download update

Sendsteps will ask you to approve the update. If you approve, click on the button ‘Yes’.  

The update will now be downloaded.  

Step 3: After downloading

When the update is downloaded, the following screen will be displayed. 

To install the update, click on the button ‘Install’.  
When the update is downloaded and installed successfully, the button ‘Latest version’ will become inactive and the red ‘1’ will have disappeared.  

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