What does Company Branding mean? | Sendsteps

What does Custom Branding mean (Fully Branded)?

With our extensive branding options included in the Enterprise Plan, you can have your corporate identity reflected in the smallest details.  We will set up your brand logo and colors so it can be featured across every part of your account, from the PowerPoint add-in to the Web app, Microsoft Teams integration, and mobile response website. On the response website your audience can login with a code of your choice, like the name of your organization. This will leave a lasting and professional impression! 

All Presentation Slides 

All interactive question- and result slides in your PowerPoint presentation will be based on your own corporate template, so it will match your company’s branding guidelines. And last but not least: it saves you lots of time preparing! 

Mobile Response Site 

When the audience wants to vote or send in a comment during a presentation, they’ll need to visit the response site via phone or tablet. This website will contain a customized url and carries your company logo and colors. Everything in your own design. 

Web Application 

In the web application is beside our web solution also your Sendsteps environment where you can adjust your presentation settings, moderate messages and find your user management. The web environment will be branded in your company’s design to make you and your colleagues feel at home.