Where can I find my general settings? | Sendsteps

Where can I find my general settings? 

You can access the general settings in two ways on the web app. The first one is when you are in the library, go to the top left of your screen and click on the setting icon.


Are you already in a Sendsteps and do want to change your settings? Click on the setting icon in the left corner next to your Sendsteps name.   

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    • Where can I find the question settings?

      You can find the question settings on the right side of the slide you added. ​
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      For Web app You can change your login code by clicking on the pencil located in the general settings OR click the following link to go to the general settings directly: Sendsteps Settings Or you can change your code when making a Sendsteps as seen ...
    • How do I log out on web?

      To log out on the web, go to web.sendsteps.com and click on the icon in the top right corner. Here you can click on log out. Once you are logged out, you will be sent to the log in page of web.sendsteps.com.  ​
    • How do I change the question type?

      Do you want to change a question after selecting one? You can do this by using the Question type option. Click on this setting to change the question type. Be aware in the web app changing your question type will result in the image/gif being deleted ...
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