Can I get a unique code per attendee for my presentation? | Sendsteps

Can I get a unique code per attendee for my presentation?

It is possible to get a unique login code per attendee to further secure your presentation. If you would like your audience to join only by using a unique code, please contact our sales department by filling out this form.

After receiving a green light from our sales department all the attendees you have passed on will each receive an email including a unique login code to access your presentation/session.

Your attendees can fill in the login code at or at your own branded website.

Why use a unique code?
Some Sendsteps features require you to use a unique login code. One of these features is 'Weighted voting'. If you would like to learn more about Weighted voting and how to use it, please visit: 
How do I use weighted voting? | Sendsteps

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