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How to generate a presentation using Sendsteps AI?

* is still in 'Beta'. Please use the tool with caution and make sure to always double-check the generated content.

Here is a quick guide how to use our AI-tool, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Locate the prompt

Go to the Sendsteps Web app and locate the Sendsteps AI prompt as shown below:

Step 2: Enter topic or text

Enter a topic the presentation should be about. You can also enter a small piece of text on a specific topic. Afterwards press enter or press the yellow arrow on the right.

For example: Agriculture in the Netherlands

Step 3: Editor

Once you have entered the subject correctly, you will enter the Editor. In this editor, you can once again edit your subject and get the option to add up to 3,000 characters of context. The clearer the context the better the AI knows what the presentation should be about.

When you are satisfied with your subject/context please click on ‘Next’.

For example: I added context to my subject

Step 4: Select your language

Please select your desired language by clicking on one of the dots, at the moment we have: English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish and Italian. Once selected click on ‘Next’.

For example: I want my presentation to be in English

Step 5: Select your target audience

The next step is to select the audience for which the presentation is intended. By indicating who the target audience, the AI knows what level it is intended for. Once selected click on ‘Next’.

For example: I am a teacher and my target audience are my students

Step 6: Choose a title for your presentation

The final step is choosing an appropriate title. Select one of the generated titles or click on 'Write your own instead' marked in blue to use your own. If you are not satisfied with the given titles you can always click on generate more in the right upper corner. Once you are satisfied with your choice click on ‘Create my presentation’.

Step 7: Presentation generation

If all done correctly you should see the following pop-up, please wait for the presentation to be generated. Once completed you will automatically be taken to your brand new presentation.  

Example: loading screen while generating

Step 8: Inspect your presentation

You have successfully generated you own Sendsteps presentation! 

We highly recommend to check all the slides if the information is correct. Use the function with as tool not as a solution.

We also generated some note’s which can be found underneath some of the slides. These can be used to further help you when presenting.

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