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What is upvoting?

Text explanation

Through upvoting you can see what your audience wants to know the most beforehand. This is possible by letting participants vote on each other's responses. This could be used in a Q&A session, for instance 


Q&A = Which subject would you like to discuss today? 

Participant 1 responds: Financial report > 50 People liked this 

Participant 2 responds: The new product > 30 People liked this 

Participant 3 responds: Market Growth > 10 People liked this 

You can clearly see that Participant 1 his response has the most votes which gives you information what people are interested in the most. In the web app this will also show as the first response on the screen (If there are more than 3 responses, for instance) 

If you want to know how to moderate responses please click on the link below: How do moderate responses work